Ålands fredsinstitut
The Åland Islands Peace Institute

Hamngatan 4
AX-22100 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland
Tel. +358 18 15570
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Anna-LenaAnna-Lena Sjölund is new as responsible for the youth activities of the Peace Institute, including peace education and conflict management in schools as well as youth exchange in the framework of the European Voluntary Service (EVS). She is also in charge of trainings and seminars within the area of responsibility of the Peace Institute,
Anna-Lena is also going to work with research in the fields of the international status of the Åland Islands , non-discrimination and the status of minorities in Europe.
She has a Master’s in political science with focus on international law and an LL.M degree from New York University, School of Law.
Anna-Lena has previously worked as a legal adviser in the Office of the High Representative and in the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has also worked briefly as a legal adviser to the Åland Parliament and as a project manager in the Council of Europe. Anna-Lena started working for the Åland Islands Peace Institute in the fall of 2006. At the time she was the Head of the Åland Mediation Bureau.
Anna-Lena has done legal research in an number of areas linked to the special status under international law of the Åland Islands. In 2007 the Peace Institute published her article concerning acquisition upon application of the right to domicile on the Åland Islands. The Peace Institute published later the same year her report on the Ålandprotocol and the non-discrimination principle in EU law.