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The Åland Islands Peace Institute

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AX-22100 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland
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Peace sign wordsDiscussion on Peace and Democracy

 Thursdag March 13th, Mariehamn city library, 1 - 3 p.m

In Swedish and English.

The Questions

Lassi Härmälä, Programme Manager at Demo Finland: Why do traditional methods for peace and democracy building not usually offer long lasting solutions? Why is it necessary to support democracy in fragile environments and include political parties in the peace building efforts? Is democracy the best tool for conflict management?

Maria Mekri, Research Director at SaferGlobe, coordinates currently the development of a Finnish Peace Report as part of a Global Peace Index. This index shall be able to answer questions such as “Is Finland becoming more peaceful or less?” and “What has caused the improvements of Espoo’s peacefulness?”


The Speakers

Lassi Härmälä is Programme Manager at Demo Finland. He is responsible for Demo’s programmes in Nepal and Tunisa focusing on the participation of youth in politics. Härmälä worked at Demo in 2011 and 2012. He has a degree in human geography and worked in Nairobi and Brussels, before re-joining Demo again in December 2013.

Maria Mekri is Research Director at SaferGlobe. She is especially interested in political risk, fragile contexts and practical mechanisms to promote peace. SaferGlobe has published nearly twenty reports, many of which have been covered widely by the media. Maria has studied at Cambridge and Brandeis universities.

The Organisations

Demo Finland (Political Parties of Finland for Democracy) functions as a co-operative organisation for Finnish parliamentary parties. It seeks to enhance democracy by carrying out and facilitating collaborative projects between Finnish political parties and political movements in developing countries.

SaferGlobe is an independent peace and security research network, which studies and develops tools for the promotion of lasting peace and security.

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