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Lassi Härmälä, Programme Manager at Demo Finland, and Maria Mekri, Research Director at SaferGlobe, informed in the city library of Mariehamn about their activity on Thursday, March 13th. Härmälä focused on the activities of his organisation in democracy consolidation in Nepal and in Tunisia. Mekri presented the project she is currently devoted to: the development of a Peace Index, which will be firstly applied to Finland. An interesting discussion ranging from Crimea to Aland between audience and speaker followed.

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Härmälä’s and Mekri’s presentation fitted quite well together. Whereas Mr Härmälä pointed to the practical dimension of peace work, Ms Mekri focussed on the theoretical level. Furthermore, both intended to work more closely with the Åland Islands Peace Institute. Demo Finland showed its interest to invite delegation from abroad to Åland in order to introduce them to the Åland Example. Mekri’s visit to Åland served as inspiration source for her development of a Peace Index, especially highlighting stronger the importance of minorities as criteria for her Peace Index.