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The Nobel Peace Prize for 2013 is awarded the organization OPCW, an international anti-Chemical Weapons entity receiving the award for its work on the elimination of chemical weapons. The organization is currently involved in the process of collecting and destroying chemical weapons in Syria.

Sia_talar The Director of the Åland Islands Peace Institute Ass. Prof. Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark comments:

" It is appropriate that the Nobel prize draws attention to the fact that there are international organs working globally for both weapon control but also for disarmament. This work concerns among others chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, mines and small arms. Disarmament work needs further strenghtening.

The Nobel Peace Prize is an important annual opportunity to reflect on the concept of peace and tha status of peace around the world. Regardless who is awarded the prize, it reminds us of the millions of people who continue to suffer from war, and the consequences of war. Hereby, the prize functions as a recurring moral alarm clock emphasizing the need to think and act for peace.

Nobel's will had a fairly comprehensive description of the purposes for which the peace prize is to strive for. He said that it is "fraternity between the nations and the abolition or reduction of standing armies and the formation and spreading of peace congresses" that deserves attention.

At a time when military spending and military cooperation is increasingly intensified and when indiscriminate attacks against civilians is the rule rather than the exception, the Nobel Peace Prize serves as a reminder of the fact that disarmament , demilitarization, peaceful exchanges and dialogue are much needed.

Peace can not be based on war.
Peace requires peaceful means.
... Nobel tells us, year after year. "