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The corona pandemic has affected also the publication of the first issue of JASS this year, but we are proud to announce that JASS 1-2020 is now out! This issue features two articles analysing parliamentary debates about Åland – one on Finnish foreign and defence policy stances with regards to Åland demilitarisation, and one historical analysis of the Ålandic politicians´ relationship to the League of Nations decision during the three decades following 1921. In addition to this, we enjoy reading a research note on the politicisation of travelling, very topical in times of climate change and pandemic. Authors are Saila Heinikoski, Ida Jansson and Kari Palonen respectively. 

You will find the latest issue of JASS here.

 Comparison of Finnish Defence and Foreign Policy Approaches – Discourses on Security Policy Stances and the Demilitarisation of the Åland Islands
Saila Heinikoski

Did you ever wonder how much substance that was behind the previous Finnish Defence Minister´s worry that “green men” would invade Åland despite, or perhaps because of, the demilitarisation? In this article, Dr Saila Heinikoski analyses the Finnish security regime from the angle of Åland demilitarisation.  She discovers that foreign and defence policy actors have, since the Finnish EU accession, viewed the demilitarisation differently: whilst the foreign policy stance has seen it in a positive, confidence-building light, defence policy actors have tended to see it as hampering the Finnish defence.

Saila has formerly participated in the project “Demilitarisation in an Increasingly Militarised World” and now works at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

The implementation of an international Decision at the Local Level: The League of Nations and the Åland Islands 1920–1951
Ida Jansson

What exactly were the thoughts and feelings of the first Ålandic politicians following the League of Nations decision in 1921? In this article, PhD student Ida Jansson scrutinizes the statements and actions of the involved parties during three decades following the decision, up until the first revision of the Autonomy Act. She points to mistakes made and argues that the successful evolution of the Åland Example cannot be attributed to the design of the solution solely, but more so due to the actions and inactions of the surrounding states.

Politicisation of Travelling. Interrail and Freedom
Kari Palonen

Travelling is today a hot topic, not the least because of travel restrictions due to the pandemic, but also because of new phenomena such as “flight shame” and climate crisis. Kari Palonen problematises different kinds of travelling  – by car, by flight and by train – in relation to concepts of political liberty. A thought-provoking and topical text about the politicisation of travelling by an author who has made travelling into a lifestyle.

You will find the latest issue of JASS here.