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 Bogdan State, who worked as an intern at the Åland Islands Peace Institute in the summer of 2007, carried out a study on the integration of non-Nordic migrants in the Åland Archipelago. This sociological study presents data on the situation of the migrants and their perceptions regarding integration in the Ålandic society.

The study covers most immigrant groups in the Ålandic capital of Mariehamn equally, with the notable exception of Asians and the unemployed, two categories which we believe require further investigation.

Bogdan State finds that immigrants face similar barriers to labor market integration as they do on mainland Finland. The report documents a high level of reported first-gate rejection for migrants, a problem faced in particular by Middle Eastern and ex-Soviet migrants. These two groups are also the main victims of “degree inflation”, their educational credentials being discounted by disbelieving employers.

The results by-and-large confirm ÅSUB’s findings regarding discrimination, non-Nordic migrants being more likely to be discriminated on the islands, levels of discrimination being correlated with the ethnic hierarchy discussed above. Migrants to Åland are moderately satisfied with government action, while a sizeable proportion of them are not fully aware of their social security entitlements. The respondents hold Ålandic schools in high regard, but it is unclear in what ways their opinions are related to the schools’ pursuing multicultural policies.

Download the report here.