Ålands fredsinstitut
The Åland Islands Peace Institute

Hamngatan 4
AX-22100 Mariehamn, Åland, Finland
Tel. +358 18 15570
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the Åland Example


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Kaukasus_besok_72The Åland Peace Institute wants to share its research results, expertise and experiences from practical peace work in order to increased the knowledge about Åland and the Åland example and to promote better opportunities for peaceful conflict resolution. The Peace Institute also wants to work as a meeting point.

Åland and the Åland Peace Institute regularly received visitors from all the corners of the world. Decision-makers, researchers and journalists from other autonomous regions, the South Caucasus, former Yugoslavia, Japan, China, the Middle East, Iran and Central-America has in recent years visited to learn about  the auonomy, which is anchored both in the Finnish constitution and in international law, and about the content of the demilitarisation and the neutralisation and their practical meaning.

For the international public, the Åland Peace Institute works foremost with satisfying the need for information about and analysis of Åland and the Åland example, especially in connection to questions of minorities and forms of autonomies. The competence within this area is used for advice, tutoring and other participation in international conflict management. This is done inter alia in cooperation with the government of Åland and the Foreign Ministry of Finland. The demand for the services of the Institute is increasing. This is evident from all the requests about visits and conference arrangements and about participation in international conferences, meetings and courses.

The director of the Åland Peace Institute, Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark, is a member of the contact group from the Åland government and the Foreign Ministry of Finland, which has as its goal to develop and increase the use of the Åland example in international contexts. The contact group record statistics of the number of foreign groups that have had information about the Åland example either through visiting Åland or at home. From November 1992 to 2010 according to this list almost 300 groups of politicians, public servants, journalists, peace workers and youths, many of them from countries with conflicts, have participated in seminars, study visits, courses and presentations about Åland.

Conference 2011

On Tuesday 1 November 2011 over a hundred participants from different parts of the world gathered in Mariehamn Åland for the international conference with the title "The Åland Example and its components - Relevance for International Conflict Resolution".  The conference was organised by the Åland Islands Peace Institute, as a closing conference of the research project ”The Åland Example: Still of Global Interest and Relevance?” Simoultaneously a publication including the results of the research was launched.

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