Ungdomsutbyte/Youth exchange ”Peace, democracy and human rights”

Peace, Democracy and Human Rights

The international youth camp at Lemböte is now in full flow… 40 participants plus leaders from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Makedonia, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), Romania and Åland (Finland) (and one from Turkey :)) are busy preparing a show and an exhibition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the demilitarisation of Åland. The themes of the week-long camp is democracy, human rights, tolerance and demilitarisation, and we’ve spent time talking about these issues in work-shops and in walk-and-talk groups. Most of the time though we’ve been socialising (quite a bit of that socialising has taken place in the sauna) fulfilling what seems to be the participants main expectation before coming to Lemböte – to make lots of new friends!

This page is brought to you by the fabuluos media group and you can here find a diary of each day, short interviews with each of the participants and of course, lots and lots of photos!