International Obligations and National Debates: Minorities around the Baltic Sea

Sia Spiliopoulou-Åkermark (Editor-in-chief), Leena Huss, Stefan Oeter & Alastair Walker (Co-editors) ISBN 952-5265-18-8. 2006. 30,00 euro + postage “Together the essays in this book offer a timely and richly nuanced comparative analysis of what has been happening ‘on the ground’ in ten countries around the Baltic Sea since the mid-1990s, when European States adopted legal […]

Seminar comparing Åland and Okinawa


    On the 1st to 2nd of September the Åland Islands Peace Institute, together with the Japan Local Government Centre (London), is organising a seminar on the theme “Transforming the relationship with Central Government”, in Mariehamn, Åland. The purpose is to compare the two island regions since they show interesting similarities and differences. The […]