Comparing the Åland Islands Precedent and the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

This research note explores available studies concerning the possibility of the resolution of the Nagorno- Karabakh Conflict through mplementation of good practices and experiences of the Åland Islands precedent to pave way for the final solution of the territorial conflict through the application of the international law. In the original exploratory research effort that was […]

Aspects Regarding the Svalbard Demilitarisation in Relation to Norway Joining the Atlantic Alliance in 1949, and Reflections on the Åland Islands’ Demilitarised and Neutralised status in the Event of a Finnish NATO accession

The article strives to explore certain aspects regarding the Svalbard demilitarisation in relation to Norway joining the Atlantic Alliance, which could be of interest in relation to the Åland Islands’ status as demilitarised and neutralised in a situation where Finland would decide to join NATO – although the Svalbard and the Åland Islands’ legal regimes […]