The Future of Ảland Islands’ Identity

The aim of this contribution is to zoom in on the identity of the Ảland Islands. It is to argue that it is bound to change, not just because of altered external conditions, but above all due to a profound change in the way identities felt to be secure are constructed in the first place. […]

The Åland Islands, Finland and European Security in the 21st Century

This article will review the Åland Islands in the European and Finnish security context. The Åland Islands is a demilitarised, neutralised and autonomous province of Finland, and the aim of the article is to look at how the more than 160-year old demilitarisation regime relates to the current security context. The time period to be […]

Mapping Historical Consciousness: Mental Maps of Time and Space among Secondary School Students from Ten Locations around the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas

The article investigates the temporal and spatial structure of historical consciousness among secondary school students from ten locations around the Baltic and Mediterranean seas. It examines what eras and spaces in history that are important to the students, and discusses how the mental maps of individuals at a certain location are affected by geopolitics and […]