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The Åland Islands Peace Institute welcomes interns from different backgrounds to develop professionally in a range of different roles. ÅIPI places great value in providing internship opportunities, as these are seen as a way for the ÅIPI to promote and support development of knowledge and competence within the areas of interest for the Institute. All of our trainees are given personal guidance and supervision during the internship and the tasks may vary greatly depending on ongoing current projects. However, the Peace Institute has only limited capacities to host interns in terms of space and funding, which is why we cannot host all applicants.

Our former interns have come from many different backgrounds. We have had students of Sociology, International Relations, International Law and languages, just to mention a few. The tasks given to trainees have often included taking care of seminar arrangements, assisting in research as well as supporting our work with information dissemination on our homepage and on social media.

In order to be eligible for an internship at the ÅIPI you must have completed at least one year of your studies, and you should not have graduated with a masters yet. Internships are offered twice a year, with calls for applications usually in September/October and April/May. In the last few years we have had one or two interns during the spring and one internship opportunity during the fall semester. For specific deadlines and current opportunities, look out for announcements at "open vacancies" or by subscribing to our newsletter.

In general, the internships are full time and three months long unless otherwise agreed. Occasionally, we may accept guest researchers and trainees focusing on research even outside the regular calls for applications that is if we can provide sufficient supervision and access to office space during the given period

If you are interested in applying for an internship at the Institute, please send us an application including your CV and a short letter of motivation. Please also provide relevant information about your institution and/or sponsoring programme.

Contact person: Research Coordinator Elias Vartio, elias(at)peace.ax, +358 18 15574


Praktikanter 2011 webb

Former interns Martha Hannus, Lovisa Arlid and Charlotte Winberg


Our interns

Below you can find information about our interns and their tasks.

Regina Österlund new Intern at the Institute

2018-04-13 11:47:34

Regina Regina Österlund is an intern at the Åland Islands Peace Institute during April and May 2018.
The internship is carried out in agreement with AMS (Åland labor and student service agency). Regina is a nurse and healthcare professional with many years of work experience in social care and health care institutions as well as in a patient-interest association. She has broad knowledge acquired as a healthcare practitioner, human resource and project manager, dementia advisor, secretary and treasurer of the Dementia Association.
Regina describes herself as a curious, problem-solving, result-oriented person who appreciates studies and knowledge and has a genuine interest in other people and their well-being.
At the Peace Institute, she will work with an inventory of the Institute's library, archiving of various materials and dissemination of the Institute's own publications.

New Intern at the ÅIPI

2018-03-23 12:51:47

Aune SanzAune Sanz is doing and internship at the Åland Islands Peace Institute from mid-March until mid-June 2018. At the moment Aune studies a masters in Statistics at the University of Helsinki and is interested in survey methodology and visualization of data. During her semester abroad at the University of Otago, New Zealand, Aune studied a minor in Criminology and became fascinated by intersectionality, feminist criminology and transformative justice a community-based strategy for responding to crimes concerned with the root causes of conflicts. She did her Bachelor’s thesis on the correlation between children’s experiences of physical punishment and other forms of violence at home.

Aune has previously worked as a Research Intern at Demos Helsinki and a Research Assistant in the Finnish Youth Research Society’s project ”You Can Never Go Home Again: young adults in transforming labour market”. Eager to improve her Swedish skills during her stay in Mariehamn, Aune is fluent in Finnish, Spanish and English.

Valentin Strömberg new intern at the Institute

2018-01-31 13:24:40

Valentin internValentin Strömberg will do an internship at the Peace Institute from February to April 2018. He was born in Sweden but grew up in Spain. He holds both Swedish and Spanish citizenship.

Valentin studies a Master programme in International Relations at Linköping University and is currently writing his master thesis about Greenland’s influence in Arctic policies from the ontological security perspective. He will mainly work with seminar arrangements, assistance in research projects and website overhaul tasks. Valentin has previously worked as a law assistant in Spain. He is fluent in Swedish, Spanish and English. 


Kai is an intern at the Peace Institute

2018-01-22 12:50:16

KaiKai Klesmann is an intern at the Peace Institute from 19 January to 15 February 2018. She is from Estonia and lives in Åland. Kai has studied law and has working experience from working in court, local government and in the Estonian air force. Kai will assist with archiving and translating brochures and other materials. She will also contribute to various other activities.

She speaks Estonian, Finnish, English and Russian. Currently she studies Swedish in Mariehamn, Medis. The intership at the Ålands Islands Peace Institute forms a part of her Swedish language studies.

Mirna Aho starts as a new intern at ÅIPI

2017-09-04 11:36:15

KuvaMirnaAhoMirna Aho will be interning for the institute from September to December. She will be focusing on the communicational aspects of the institute and helping with arrangement of different events.

Mirna is majoring in speech communication at the university of Jyväskylä and is currently writing her master thesis about interaction in peace mediation. She will be expected to graduate in the beginning of 2018. She has previously worked for example in Sweden and in India and is excited to get to talk some Swedish with her co-workers.

Nicklas Böhm new intern at the Institute

2017-05-03 16:58:01

Nicklas 1 av 1 2Nicklas Böhm will be an intern from March to June 2017 at the Institute. Up to now he has been working mostly on the launch of the Institute's new E-journal JASS and he will be continuously assisting the other researchers and projects.

Nicklas has acquired a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Roskilde University and will be majoring in Conflict and Security studies at the University of Kent this fall. He has previously worked on publications concerning peace building and the implementation of peace agreements and has volunteered for various organisations promoting a peaceful coexistence.

Celina Alshareef is an intern at the Peace Institute

2017-05-15 15:03:32

Sumia "Celina" Alshareef is an intern at the Peace Institute from 23 May to 22 June 2017. She is from Syria (Aleppo) and lives in Åland since one and a half years. Celina has studied international relations and diplomacy at Damascus University in Syria and has volunteer to support Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Celine's internship is part of her studies in Swedish at Medis in Mariehamn. In the future she wants to work with translation and complete her studies in international relations, so that she can work with international organizations to quickly support refugees, and refugee women in particular, who need support and help to start a new life.


Vanessa Westerlund new intern at the Institute

2017-02-02 09:27:28

Vanessa webbVanessa Westerlund will be an intern from January to April in 2017. She will mainly participate in the arrangements of the "The Kastelholm talks", which are being held 30th March. Vanessa will also be working with tasks relating to information dissemination and website development.
Vanessa is majoring in political science at Åbo Akademi University, and she is currently working on her master thesis on fragile states. Her minor is International law. Vanessa expects to receive her master's degree by the end of 2017.

New intern: Andrea Södergård

2016-09-14 06:46:56

Andrea webb

Andrea will be an intern at the ÅIPI until the middle of December. During the internship Andrea focuses mainly on the information dissemination of the institute and the organisation of seminars. She will also participate in developing the webpage. Andrea studies International Public Law and Communication & Journalism at Åbo Akademi University in Turku. Next spring, she is planning to finish her studies and write her master thesis about sexual minorities as refugees. With a background as a journalist Andrea is looking forward to learn more about the tasks of the Information Officer and get an insight into the research of the Institute.​

Karita Kostiainen new intern at the ÅIPI

2016-02-05 11:44:02
Karita KostiainenKarita Kostiainen is an intern at the Åland Islands Peace Institute during February-April 2016. She is currently on her final semester of her graduate studies in International Security and Law at the University of Southern Denmark, writing her thesis simultaneously with the internship. Previously she has acquired a Bachelor in International Relations from the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. In her field she is especially interested in reconciliation and women's participation in peace processes.
Karita's motive to intern at the ÅIPI is to gain valuable practical knowledge of the work of a research institute and familiarize herself with the Åland Example. At the ÅIPI she will be mainly engaged with the Kastelholm talks project and media monitoring among other tasks.

Summer intern 2015

2015-08-06 12:06:45

P1060813 Silke Jungbluth has been the ÅIPI summer intern in June and July 2015. Whilst originally from Germany, Silke is currently pursuing her master´s studies in peace, mediation and conflict research at Tampere University. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology/ European Ethnology and Political Science from the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – University in Frankfurt am Main. Silke has been able to do some preparatory research for her master´s thesis on Åland, while at the at the same time learning about the Åland Example and its components. Currently, her special interest lies with Kurdish identity and other issues, in particular the Kurdish diaspora in Finland and around Europe.



New Intern: Fanny Thalén

2014-11-12 09:52:01

Fanny 72Fanny Thalén is a communications intern at the Åland Islands Peace Institute from the 1st of November 2014 until mid January 2015. She is mainly involved in activities related to information and publications at the institute. Fanny Thalén is a final-year student of media and communication studies at Europe’s northernmost university, Luleå Technical University. She has previously worked as a radio journalist and has been studying Slavonic studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Fanny Thalén speaks fluent Swedish, German and English, as well as some Russian and Danish. On a good day she also speaks French and Finnish.



Jennifer Linder new trainee at the ÅIPI

2014-09-22 06:58:15

Jennifer Linder 2Jennifer Linder is an intern on the Åland Islands Peace Institute during the autumn 2014. As an intern she is primarily involved with the project Fair Sex where she is conducting workshops with the students. Jennifer is also studying for a bachelor's degree in international social work at the University of Gävle. She is interested in pursuing work related to questions of equality and wrote her thesis about men who get subjected to intimate partner violence within heterosexual relationships. The title of the essay is as follows: "A qualitative study on the experiences of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) from the perspective of male victims".





Interns from France at the ÅIPI

2014-03-12 13:31:54
Interns from France 2014Alexandre Zoller and Paul Dos Santos coming from France are interning at the ÅIPI between 10 and 15 March 2014. They are on Åland for an exchange together with fellow students at the Upper secondary school Saint Dominique in Neuilly, close to Paris. 
In their own words:
"We are staying in the archipelago of Åland for a week and working in the peace institute. We decided to apply for working in this foundation because of our interest in international topics. In fact, as we can notice with the name, this foundation deals with a practical and theorical way to live in peace. To act the peace institute organizes lectures about equality, respect and welcome people from around the world. This journey will probably be very enriching."

Three interns at the ÅIPI

2013-12-11 08:32:21


At the moment, the ÅIPI is happy to host three interns that are helping out with various tasks within the Institute. Alexandra Zhukova from Russia is an EVS-volunteer that will be staying at the Institute for one year. Nijole Neuman is an intern as a part of her studies in Swedish at the course Integration.ax and Nemi Snellman does her internship as a part of a course at the Åland Office for Employment and Studies.

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Cajsa Hallbäck - interning at the ÅIPI

2013-11-06 17:04:26

Caisa HallbäckMy name is Cajsa Hallbäck and I'm 15 years old. I have a great interest in music and I take lessons in piano and singing in my spare time. This fall 2013, I´ve had the opportunity to be here at the Åland Islands Peace Institute for three days, to see what they do and to practice being at a real workplace. I think the Fair Sex Project and issues of equality is most interesting and that’s why I like being here and learn more about that.




Nijole Neuman, internship

2013-10-24 11:37:45

NijoleNijole Neuman is an intern from Lithuania and she will work at the Åland Islands Peace Institute during the period 2013 October – 2014 March. She will mainly work with the international projects and networks of the Åland Islands Peace Institute and contribute to ad hoc activities.
Nijole holds a bachelor degree in English from the Vilnius Pedagogical Institute. She is experienced as a civil servant in international relations from her previous employments in Lithuania as well as her employment in the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) in Stockholm as an energy project leader assistant.
She speaks Lithuanian (native), English and Russian. Currently she studies Swedish in Mariehamn, Medis under the programme “Integration.ax II”. The intership at the Ålands Islands peace Institute forms a part of the Swedish studies.

Interns for the summer of 2013

2013-06-24 11:54:37

During the summer of 2013 the ÅIPI is hosting two interns.


Katharina Hill will be an intern at the ÅIPI during July and August. She holds a Bachelor of Science in European Studies, and is currently studying for a Master of Social Sciences in International Security and Law at the University of Southern Denmark. Her special interest lies in peacebuilding, conflict prevention and human security. With the internship she wishes to add a peace perspective to her education and to gain an insight in the practical work of a research institute. At the peace institute she will be working with a report on gender equality in peace processes, with other research as well as with Nordic peace co-operation.

Katharina is native in German. She also speaks English and Danish as well as some Finnish, Swedish and French.

Liuda Donielait? is a student of telecommunication engineering in the Faculty of Electronics at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. From previous internships, among others as an Erasmus student in Greece, she has experience in website management and development as well as in working with mobile networks. During her time as an intern at the ÅIPI from July to September she will overview and adjust records of equipment and facility assets at the ÅIPI. She will also be working with the home page and its content management system as well as with providing individual support to staff in various IT-matters.

Liuda is native in Lihuanian and also speaks English and some German.

Intern from France to the Peace Institute

2013-03-06 09:54:27

  garance from franceMy name is Garance Robert de Massy, I am 16 years old and I have made a one-week internship at the Åland  Islands Peace Institute. These five days were really interesting and enriching. I have learnt a lot about  the Åland Islands and the ÅIPI. I really admire what they do and I am really interested in civil society work,  so  this  internship was perfect for me.
I had the chance to participate a little bit on a project named “Nendre”; with the  generous help of the workers of Peace Institute, I have created a French language brochure about one of the  Peace Institute´s partner organizations in Lithuania and sent the brochure to potential partner organizations in  France. I have also collected French language articles about the Åland Example for the webpage of the Institute. Moreover, they gave me the opportunity to participate in information sessions and meetings about the  different programs or parts of the Peace Institute. Two weeks ago, I did not know the Åland Islands Peace Institute, and now, I am waiting to turn 18 years old to become a volunteer.

Liselott and Katja - leaders of Fair Sex Workshops

2012-10-01 10:24:22

LolKatjaDuring autumn 2012 the ÅIPI is happy to have two persons helping out in the Fair Sex project, besides Project Manager Ulrica Navier and Method Developer Jenny Jonstoij. They are  Liselott Lindén and Katja Söderbäck.

Liselott Lindén is an intern at the Åland Island Peace Institute during the fall of 2012. She is working with administration and information about the Fair Sex project, as well as giving Fair Sex workshops in Ålandic schools. Another key interest is sociolinguistics and minority questions. Liselott has a Bachelor’s degree in sociology from Stockholm University.

Katja Söderbäck is a workshop leader within the project Fair Sex. She is also completing distance studies in psychology, social science and international relations at the NTI-school in Stockholm, Sweden. Katjais a trained youth and recreation leader and has previously worked as a Girl Group leader and at a youth center. She has also been a volunteer in Venezuela, working with abandoned children at a family home. Working with youth is her big interest. She speaks Swedish, English and Spanish.

Reinforcement in staffing during summer

2012-07-05 06:27:58

During the summer of 2012 the ÅIPI is reinforced by three students, two that will be working with writing a report each and onte that promotes the ÅIPI peace concert that will be held 10th of August.


Hanna Salmén is interning at the Peace Institute during the summer of  2012. Hanna finished her studies in May, 2011, after having studied a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a concentration in Homeland Security at Campbell University in North Carolina, USA. She has spent the past school year studying French in Strasbourg, France,  where she intends to study a Master in European Studies focused on International Relations and Human Rights this incoming fall. During her internship, she will mainly be working on a report on the status and the functions of the police of Åland in English.


Martha Hannus is finishing her M. Sc. in International Administration and Global Governance. The topic of her thesis is the effect of the EU accession process on the attitudes toward the Roma in Central- and Easten Europe. Among other things, she has also worked for the anti-racist foundation Expo in Sweden. This is the second summer Martha is working for the ÅIPI. This year, she is working on a report on the history of the Peace institute, focusing on the processes and motives that eventually led to the setting-up of the Peace Institute in 1992.



Linus Strandberg works with marketing and technical support under the project Voices for Peace. Linus is a qualified project manager, specializing in the cultural sector and is about to finish his bachelor's degree in Global Development Studies at the University of Gothenburg. He is also a comics writer and visual artist and he is one of the people behind the artist run gallery ORO in Gothenburg and the music and arts festival Island in the Sun on Åland. (www.linusstrandberg.com) At the ÅIPI Linus will work with practical arrangements and PR on a peace concert - an experimental musical meeting between thirteen musicians from Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Åland Islands, presented in the form of a concert at the square stage in Mariehamn on the 10th of August.


Vincent Okeyo new intern at the Institute

2011-10-13 08:32:07

Vincent_72Vincent Okeyo is an intern at the Åland Islands Peace institute from 14.9.2011 to 30.3.2012. He will be working with translations and proof reading, helping out with information and communication tasks and assist in the work with the library and publications of the ÅIPI.




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Vacancy for intern with interest in gender issues

2011-09-22 06:28:42

The ÅIPI is looking for an intern during the end of 2011, to work with the closure of the project Challenging Gender Roles for Prevention of Trafficking.

It is essential that the intern is fluent in both Swedish and English.

More information available in the Swedish version of this text.

New interns at the Åland Islands Peace Institute

2011-06-14 06:41:52


Martha, Lovisa och Charlotte

The ÅIPI welcomes three new interns for summer 2011. Charlotte Winberg has recently finished her Bachelor in Public International Law at Åbo Akademi University and will work as an intern at the Åland Islands Peace Institute as well as the Mediation Office. Lovisa Helgoson Arlid has been working as a project coordinator for Save the Children, and has experience of giving lectures about gender and equality issues, and will mainly be working with the project ²Challenging Gender Roles for Prevention of Trafficking². Lovisa has a Bachelor in Social science with a major in Psychology from Uppsala University. Martha Hannus is a student at an international Master program in Political science, Economy and Global studies at the University of Gothenburg, and will mainly work as an assistant within the research project ELDIA.

More about our new interns here.

Anna Hannus is our intern this summer

2010-06-10 08:11:46

Anna_Hannus_72Anna Hannus is interning at the Peace Institute between 31.5 and 10.9. Anna is studying international relations and geography at University of Aberdeen since 2007. During the internship she will, among other tasks, be helping with the youth exchange project Boundaries.




Katja Daniels, intern at the Peace Institute

2009-11-25 10:39:34


Katja Daniels is an intern at the peace institute until January 2010. Katja has a BA in International Relations from the University of Exeter in England and an MA in International Relations Theory from Aberystwyth University in Wales. Katja aims for an academic career and is especially keen to find out more about the institute's research activities, but is also very interested in learning about its more practical projects.
At the peace institute she will, among others, work with an application for a Youth exchange that is planned to be carried out in the summer of 2010.




Klaudia is our trainee during the summer

2009-06-11 09:41:25

KlaudiaKlaudia Wiszniewksa participates in LLP Erasmus training at the Aland Islands Peace Institute. She studies for a master’s degree in political science at University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland. She is specifically interested in international security issues. She intends to gain knowledge of the Aland’s autonomy, demilitarization and neutralization during her summer stay at the Institute.

During her stay she has written an articla on Poland's view on the Nort Stream project and on the status of Åland.



Joy Welander is an intern at the institute

2009-03-24 13:58:19

 During this and next week Joy Welander is an intern at the Åland Islands Peace Institute. Joy studies at the Åland Vocational School and choose to do her internship at the Peace Institute since she wanted to know more of the work the institute carries out. In particular she is interested in the Girl group activities and the youth work in general.

Gustav - new trainee at the Peace Institute

2008-09-16 13:55:38

GustavGustav Blomberg is a trainee at the Aland Islands Peace Institute from 10th September to 5th November. Gustav i studying to a Bachelors' degree in museology at the University of Umeå. Gustav will mainly work with the digitalisation of a survey and with organising a youth exchange between Lithuania and Åland.






Isac is a trainee at the Peace Institute

2008-07-02 13:47:34
IsacIsac Boman is a trainee at the Åland Islands Peace Institute from 1 July to 24 August. Isac is studying Economics and Russian at Åbo Academy since autumn 2007 and was during autumn 2007 studying Russian in Ukraine.

As a trainee Isac is working with the organising of the Alandic participation in a youth camp with the theme environmental and climat changes, that will be held in North Karelia 10-17 August.

In june Isac was the assistant of an azeri-azerbaijan film team from the NGO Internews that made a film on the Åland Islands, in which the Paece Institute was included.

Employed during summer

2008-06-24 13:51:59

AndreeaAndreea Bolos is working at the Peace Institute until 4 July. She will make a chart of how issues of demilitarisation have been managed by the Autonomy Committée during 1994-2007.
Andreea is studying social sciences at the University of Uppsala and worked at the Peace Institute last summer too.


Summer trainee Varvara Barysevich

2014-06-03 11:53:58

Varvara Barysevich Varvara Barysevich is an intern at the ÅIPI during the summer 2014. She is a Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research Master’s degree Program student at the University of Tampere, Finland, and previously studied International Law at the Belarusian State University, Belarus. Her areas of inquiry are civil society, human rights, and means of democracy promotion, with a specific focus on bottom-up democratization in Belarus. She has also some experience in working for human rights organizations in Belarus. At the institute she will mainly work on strengthening of contacts with Belarusian NGOs in the field of gender equality and women’s empowerment, and assist in the creation of an education tool on the use of autonomy as a territorial management tool.