Youth Officer retires


Marja-Leena Magnusson who has for four years been in charge of the youth activities at the Peace Institute is now retireing. In practis Marja-Leena will work only until middle Novembre, since she will then be on vacation until she retires on the turn of the year.Marja-Leena doesn’t completely cut the bonds with the Peace Institute […]

Experiences from Japanese evening on


About 50 people participated in the “Japan Night”, a part of the series of multicultural cafés on Åland on the 27th of October.Since there are no Japanese currently living in the small society of Åland, organiser Petra Granholm had to “import” them to be able to give the Ålanders a glimpse of Japan. Petr has […]

Contribution by Petra Granholm to EURASIA-Nets’ newsletter

The Peace Institute’s researcher is contributing with to the first newsletter of the EURASIA-Net with a text on her experiences from Transregional Summer School: Europe South Asia Exchange on Supernational (Regional) Policies and Instruments for the Promotion of Human Rights and the Management of Minority Issues The newsletter can be found here. Petras text is […]