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Sia Spiliopoulou ÅkermarkReflections on the core elements of the autonomy of the Åland Islands as a minority protection device The Direcor of the Åland Islands Peace Institute presented this text for the President of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, during his visit to Åland in October 2007.Multiculturalism in Crisis Opening Speech at the conference “Human Rights and […]

The Åland Islands Peace Institute


The Åland Islands Peace Institute woks practically and with research into peace and conflict issues in a broadly defined sense, with Åland and the special status that Åland enjoys under international law as a starting point. The Institute focuses on forms of autonomy, minority issues, demilitarisation and conflict management. The Åland Islands Peace Institute takes […]


The purpose of the information activitites of the Åland Peace Institute is to increase the knowledge about the activities of the Åland Peace Institute and of the special international and constitutional status of Åland, and to offer information and analysis of current issues, inlcuding the international status of Åland and to create opportunities for peaceful […]