About the project

  Challenging Gender roles for Prevention of Trafficking is a joint Åland-Latvian project aiming at combating stereotypical gender perceptions at a grass-root level in order to undermine conditions for development of gender related violence, human trafficking and sexual slavery. The project is focusing on preventive work through empowerment of young girls and boys. The girl […]


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A day for the elimination of violence against women


    Jeanette Mauricio is a journalist with studies in Human Right and Master’s degree in Feminism and Gender issues. Currently she is a doing the European Voluntary Service at The Peace Institute. The blog is written by the peace institute’s present or former staff, guest researchers, board members or invited guest writers. The opinions are […]

Newsletter 25.11.2010

Newsletter from the Åland Islands Peace Institute 25.11.2010 Contents Manifestation against violence against women Bror Myllykoski new as Head of Administration Financial officer needed A volunteer for 2011 will be recruited The Newsletter 25.11.2010 can be downloaded here