A midterm report of the project


The project “Challenging Gender Roles for Prevention of Trafficking” managed by the Åland Island Peace Institute in Finland and Resource Center for Women Marta in Latvia, is now entering in its final year and can account for 48 trained leaders and 21 new girl and boy groups in Åland and Latvia. In total, over 100 youngsters are involved […]

Deepening training for girl and boy group leaders


photo_020On 15th of January deepening training for the girl and boy group leaders were held on Åland within the project “Challenging Gender Roles for Prevention of Trafficking”. The project is implemented in close partnership with Riga-based Resource Center for Women “Marta” and aims to implementing the unique Nordic Girl and Boy Group method, which provide self worth and autonomy, empowerment and equality among youths.


The research studies potencial impact of the Girls Group and Boys Group method on social identity structure, self-esteem, self-efficacy, gender stereotypes, attitudes, tolerance and inclusion in society. One researcher on Åland and another one in Riga are developing indicators and measurements for evaluating the changes on the group and individual level. Methods include interviews, questionnaires […]

New Steering Group members

The project’s Steering Group has received two new members, Peter Soderstrom, expert on masculinity issues, from Sweden, and Gun-Mari Lindholm, second deputy speaker of the Parliament of Åland and a member of the parliamentary working group on civil security and anti-trafficking in BSPC (Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference / Baltic MPs).

New Staff Members at ÅIPI


The Åland Islands Peace Institute has recruited two new staff members within the project Challenging Gender Roles for Prevention of Trafficking. Since December 13 2010 Jenny Jonstoij is the new Manager of the project. Jenny was born on Åland and has previously worked within gender projects in Sweden, among others as National Manager for the […]