Discussion on demilitarization, 24th of March 2011

On the occasion of the upcoming Åland demilitarization day (March 30th) the ÅIPI will arrange a discussion (in Swedish) on the theme of “Demilitarization and neutralization, open questions and current challenges”. The discussion will be held in Hotel Pommern in Mariehamn on March 24th at 6 p.m.The director of the ÅIPI, Dr. Sia Sia Spiliopoulou […]

The World Water Day, March 22:nd


On the occasion of the UN World Water Day on March 22:nd 2011 a seminar on The role of water in an urbanized world will be arranged in Stockholm.Read about the seminar here (in Swedish) The Åland Islands Peace Institute has been co-operating with the Swdish Water House, among others with the cluster group for […]