Historic meeting for partners from six countries


On May 21-25 the Åland Islands Peace Institute is happy to gather on Åland representatives from partner organizations in all countries where the ÅIPI has been co-operating on gender equality and empowerment since the foundation in 1992. Participants come from Lithuania, Latvia, Russia (Karelia and the Kaliningrad region), Belarus and Azerbaijan. All the partner organisations have in cooperation with the Peace Institute adopted the so called girl and boy group method that aims to strenghten individuals’ selfesteem and to promote their abilities to question prevailing gender norms, to solve conflicts peacefully and to take an active part in society.

ÅIPI Nyhetsbrev/Newsletter 2-2012

Nyhetsbrev från Ålands fredsinstitutNewsletter from the Åland Islands Peace Institute2-2012 INNEHÅLL/CONTENTS:Ålands fredsinstitut firar 20-års jubileum/ The ÅIPI celebrates its 20th anniversaryGårdsfest 9 juni / Garden party 9th of JuneInternationellt möte för tjej- och killgruppsledare/ Girl and Boy group leaders’ international meeting Öppen, internationell diskussion om jämställdhet / International, open discussion on gender equalityNordisk-kaukasiskt musikläger och […]

New in the board


The ÅIPI board of directors has elected a new member; Ms Lotta Angergård, B. Sc. in political science. Ms Angergård is an Adviser in youth policy at the Åland government and has previously worked as director for Save the children Åland, secretary  of the language council at the Åland government, project manager and administrator. She […]