Society survey to 1000


On Tuesday 16th of Septembre the Åland Islands Peace Institute posted 1000 surveys to randomly choosen ålanders.  The society survey contains questions on attitudes on identity, immigration, immogrants and integration and is the first of its kind on Åland. The survey is made by Bogdan State, who is a student at Amherst College, Massachusetts, U.S, […]

Petra Granholm researches laws related to integration


During the autumn of 2008 Petra Granholm will be working at the Åland Islands Peace Institute with a overview of the legal framework for the integration of migrants in the Ålandic society. Throughout the years, Petra has been involved in the youth work of the Peace Institute in various ways, including participation in international youth […]

Petra Granholm in course on protection of minorities

Petra Granholm from the Åland Islands Peace Institute has participated in the EURASIA-Net –  Transregional Summer School: Europe South Asia Exchange on Supernational (Regional) Policies and Instruments for the Promotion of Human Rights and the Management of Minority Issues 25 August – 5 September 2008. 18 participants from various countries in Europe and South Asia […]

Inspiring environmental camp in Karelia


The eight young alanders participating in an environment camp in Karelia, Finland, in August were mostly satisfied with their experiences. – It was more of a sports camp than I had expected, but it was rewarding to have the opprtunity to hold our presentations of Åland and the Baltic sea, since the awareness of those […]