How to organize a living library

Gustav Blomberg from the Åland Islands Peace Institute attended together with Mikaela Kjeldsen from Regnbågsfyren the Concil of Europe’s Training Course for Living Library Organisers i Budapest 3d to 8th February. the two participants now want to share theri knowledge with organisations and persona who might be interested in participatin in the organizing of a […]

Sarah Stephan took part in “Brussels Democracy” seminar


The Åland Islands Peace Institute's research assistant Sarah Stephan partcipated in the seminar "The Brussels Democracy – Citizen Participation and Multi-Level Governance in Europe" in Brussels between 13 and 18 February. The seminar aimed at exploring which stakeholders are involved in European governance and how citizens can make their concerns heard in Brussels. Read about […]

Seminar on the Lisbon treaty

On 24 February 2009 the Åland Islands Peace Institute organized a seminar on the Lisbon Treaty in the auditorium of the Ålandic parliament. The first speaker at the seminar, Janina Tallqvist, EU law?making secretary at the Ministry of Justice, gave an overview over the changes to the current set?up and functioning of the European Union […]