Åland’s demilitarisation – self-evident or threatened?


What effects does European security cooperation have on Åland’s demilitarisation? The Åland Islands Peace Institute invited the public to discuss this question at the seminar “Åland’s demilitarisation – self?evident or threatened?” where both the threats and opportunities of enhanced security cooperation were discussed.Around 35 persons came together at the Handelshögskola in Mariehamn to participate in […]

Debate article on demilitarization

In connection with the demilitarisation day, 30th of March 2009, the debate article Ålands demilitarisering – självklar eller hotad, written by director Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark, was published in the local paper Nya Åland (29.3.2009). The article (in Swedish) can be downloaded here.