Communications Intern in Autumn 2019: Karoliina Paakkinen

Karoliina Paakkinen is a communications intern at the Åland Islands Peace Institute from August to October. She will work with the renewal of the website of the Peace Institute and with other communications tasks. In addition, she will assist at conferences and presentations where the Peace Institute takes part. Karoliina studies Social Sciences at Tampere University and […]

Islands of Peace – Åland’s autonomy, demilitarisation and neutralisation

Susanne Eriksson, Lars Ingmar Johansson & Barbro Sundback Fredens öar. Ålands självstyrelse, demilitarisering och neutralisering ISBN 952-5265-16-1 (Swedish, 2006) Islands of Peace. Åland’s autonomy, demilitarisation and neutralisation ISBN 952-5265-17-X (English, 2006) Rauhan saaret. Ahvenanmaan itsehallinto, demilitarisointi ja puolueettomuus ISBN 978-952-5265-21-7 (Finnish, 2007) 25,00 euro + porto/postage/postikulut This publication deals with Åland’s autonomy, both the historical […]